WEDs (Wedding Expo Dollars)

Wedding Expo Dollars or WEDs are coupons that can be redeemed with participating vendors to receive discounts on products/services.

  • General Admission brides receive $1,000 in WEDs
  • VIP brides receive $2,000 in WEDs

Vendors that accept WEDs at the show should have a sign at their booth indicating that they're accepting them and explaining their offer and terms.

WEDs Coupon Sample

WEDs are subject to the terms of each participating vendor. Vendors may have more than one offer they will provide - so make sure you ask them what they’re offering if you don’t see a sign at their booth. Some vendors may require WEDs to be redeemed at the show with a contract, while others will accept them within a specific time frame following the show, provided you schedule an appointment with them during the show. Each WED is worth between $25.00 and $100.00, depending on the offer. If a vendor's offer is for something under $100.00 - you will still use one WED to redeem it - this is good for vendors with lower price services or products. You can redeem multiple WEDs with one single vendor if they are offering a higher value amount.

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